Why choose us ?

Choosing a reputable Forex trainer is a big decision when starting to trade. You need someone who is trustworthy, someone who actually cares, and most importantly, someone who can provide evidence of its previous success. That’s why we believe you should get your training directly from a professional team and Leone Trading is the best you can find. With many years of daily trading experience we understand exactly what you need and we are ready to provide you our advice whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader.

Let us tell you a few more reasons why you should choose to trade with us.

A to Z Forex Trading Course

We provide a complete video course, structured as a journey that will drive you from the basics of trading to the best strategies. We teach you how to operate in the forex market and how to manage the psychological aspect of operating in a financial market. You will find all our skills gained over the years and our best strategy developed by combining the best financial indicators with the knowledge that allowed us to achieve the best results.

Live Chat Support 24H 7/7

Our team will be available for every customer needs every day at any time.

Feel free to contact us for every doubt you have, we are here to help you.

We speak your native language

Our company cares about the needs of every single customer. We believe in interpersonal relationships and we want to accompany those who choose to invest in themselves and in their training up to financial freedom.

We have made this journey ourselves, not without difficulties, we are now ready to make this change in your lives as simple and concrete as possible.